Great performance is 1% vision and 99% execution...
"Built to Last" - Jim Collins


Our proprietary and proven planning process, The 212o Workforce SolutionTM assures clients that there employee benefit strategy will be executed and achieved.  We begin the process by ascertaining the perspective and opinion of leaders using our unique "starter kit." Completion and aggregation of the starter kits allows our team to quickly understand where there is alignment and more importantly misalignment of a prospective client's employee benefit goals and objectives.

To gain greater clarity around a potential client's current situation, we then utilize the insight gained from the starter kits to facilitate a "starter session."  Our professionals from different disciplines use this interactive discovery session to seek deeper responses to issues that might be an obstacle or an opportunity to drive a prospective client's employee benefit strategy.

After reflecting on what we learned in the starter session, our team then develops a customized "benefits blueprint." The blueprint is a step by step multiple year plan which is aligned and resourced with our professional capabilities to execute the plan and achieve a prospective client's vision - an empowering vision to create a competitive advantage by leveraging employee benefits that contribute to the overall success of their business.

Active participation in the planning process will accomplish two objectives.  First, prospective clients will be in an informed position to make an objective decision on how our professional capabilities can provide value and drive results.  Secondly and of equal importance, our team will be in an informed position to understand whether a prospective client is a "good fit" for our organization.  We want to work exclusively with employers who consider their benefits as a strategic initiative to achieving their overall corporate goals - not just a budget line item.  Assuming there is alignment around this ideal, "engage & implement" is the next phase of the process where our professional relationship is officially established.

Team BIM embraces the ideal of being held accountable for results.  Based on the scope and complexity of the benefits blueprint we are implementing, we will place fees at risk to execute strategic initiatives that are deemed most critically important to our clients. This guarantee represents the "accountability" phase of our unique and proprietary planning process. 



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