Founded in 1980, Benefit Insurance Marketing has grown organically into a recognized industry leader - serving the needs of approximately 450 employer clients representing 60,000+ employees. Our clients represent broad industry segmentation including manufacturing, health care, coal, equine, construction, legal, education and retail.

As an industry leader, our clients receive unsurpassed expertise from the team of dedicated professionals we have assembled in our practice over the past 30+ years.  Our team possesses diverse professional capabilities ranging from health & welfare consulting, compliance and human resources to experts in graphic design and employee communication.  Based on our client’s unique needs and the size of their employee population, we assemble the needed skill sets to serve them.

bestplacestoworkWe are also extremely proud of our perennial recognition as a "Best Place to Work" employer - a designation bestowed on our company by our employees. We have a unique culture that fosters exceptional team work and professional development which makes us the employer of choice in the employee benefits industry.


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